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Going away to an engineering/science summer program on June 15th. Literally studying all summer; Won't get home until August 2nd :(

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Attempting to start chapter two of my kaisoo genie!au; hoping to do SNCJ event but we'll see.
i really like kaisoo

if you're actually interested in what what i have to say ♥♥
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mama intro

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i hope you’re having fun at camp! even if you can’t watch it right away all you need is tumblr (unless you’re wanting to avoid any spoilers until you can watch?) and you’ll get caught up right away!

i am having fun, thanks ^o^ oh gosh i will HAVE to avoid tumblr i swear…i don’t know if i can do it. i still haven’t finished happy camp yet so i hope i find time to at least watch this ;3;

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my friends keep asking me since I study psychology I should look into sasaengs. Problem is would I really want to research into that level of craziness.

i legit considered doing my ap psych project on them lol but i didn’t want to get too worked up over it again

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*pats tears* I plan to walk down the isle to that

its like moni and i’s dreams together and had a baby. kyungsoo is an actor and chen is singing the ost what else could we have really asked for??

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are you gonna stream it or just wait for subs? i’m going to try my best to stream and hope it works. it’ll suck not being able to understand what’s going on but that is a sacrifice i’m willing to make the my baby

since im away at camp still and i dont have a lot free time i can wait till subs come out. but if i had the time to i would totally stream it. so u should definitely stream it on behalf of me because i can’t and wish i could oTL

luhan did the ring ding dong hip thrust but then he realized he shouldn’t be doing that in front of a 14-year-old girl

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these are actual tears rolling down my cheeks because of jongdae rn

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I am squirming around on my bed right now. waiting for the subs will be painful and true test of patience lol

최고의 행운 Best Luck
FROM THE ALBUM: { It's Okay, That's Love OST Pt.1 }
최고의 행운 (The Best Luck) ♡ Chen’s OST

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